Tale of Two Sisters & A New Brother

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Today my cousin Trinity made ...


My cousin Ryan made his ...


Tonight we went to Magee ...


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Today was a very sad ...


Me / Wednesday, April 25 2007 01:22 PM

Caileigh What strong parents you have. When you get older and we talk about Stephen I want you to look at your parents and say a prayer thanking God for the strength that the both of them have

Eda Bates / Tuesday, April 17 2007 12:57 PM

Caileigh, I was very sad to hear about your brother. I know you are sad but at least we know Stephen Joseph is with God. You all are in my prayers. Love you, your Mom & Dad, Miss Eda.

T. Pickett / Monday, April 16 2007 11:04 AM

My prayers are with all of you. Take care! Thomas

Julia / Saturday, April 14 2007 12:15 PM

Caileigh I am SO SORRY for you . We are like sisters because my brother passed away also. P.S. Sheila I will keep you in my prayers. Love, Julia

Gelsina / Friday, April 13 2007 03:52 PM

My Caileigh, We are praying for all of you. You, like your friend Julia, are very special little girls to have brothers who are angels and who will watch over you and pray for you every day of your lives. Love you sweet girl, Gelsina

Its Easter Sunday so I ...


I went on my first ...